2015-09-08 German Rodriguez

2015.09.02. Hódmezővásárhely

In today’s entry I’d like to write about all those problems that I’ve noticed while I was observing Hódmezővásárhelyi F.C’s first team.

I saw the team’s match against Paks (so far that was our best game, even though we lost), our home match against Monor (we won, but I think we could’ve played better), against Gyulai Termál (we lost against them in the Hungarian Cup) and Komlói SK (we lost after conceeding a goal from a counter attack).

I can see that we are trying to control the game, but the ball movements are slow, the passes are weak and the players use too many touches to control the ball..

Changing sides is also missing from our game, when the ball is on one side of the field we try to force our attack on that wing, even if but the opponent defends that area. We should pass the ball back a little bit or with the help of the mildfielders we should take the ball to the other side as soon as possible.

When we see that the opponent has organised lines of defence which we can’t play thru (mostly because of the slow ball movements), we our forwards some long passes, but since we try to give straight forward passes instead of diagonal ones the ball usually ends up at the goalkeeper’s hands or the defenders stop it.

I think our defensive lines are too far back. Most of are players are too passive, they advance too slowly when we attack and we need to press forward they enter too late, when the opponent has already stoppped the ball. There are too many attempts to tackle the opponent instead of trying to slow them down, so opponent players can easily get to our goal.

So far this is my experience with Hódmezővásárhelyi F.C, we need to work on these aspects to become a better team.


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