2015-10-12 German Rodriguez


In Debrecen, Horst Wein and Marcello Nardini to realice a conference about their project  named FUNiño. It is a football school where they teach to play football to children from six to eighteen years old.

In accordance with Horst Wein, all is based in play football in triangle and so he say that games 3vs3 are very important for the footballing development of the children.

They left phrases fro we think profoundly about the football, as for example:

“The real teacher is the game. When we learned in the street there weren’t coaches”

“First we have a ball then we progress toward to the goal”

“When I do it?  How I do it? This is the important”

"The important in football is play without ball. Is very important to dominate the spaces and the times”

“Modern football start in the head and finish in the feet”

“The capacity to process the visual information of the game is very important”

“The player during the match must to see what happen, analyze it, try the best option and execute this option quickly”

“The player only see the game what he knows. More things he knows, more things he resolves”

“In the cognitive games you need 3 repetitions for all the players understand the game and 4 repetitions for to work the game”.


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