2015-09-07 German Rodriguez

HUN vs. ROM - UEFA EURO 2016 Qualifier

Yesterday we have seen in the Groupama stadium the EURO 2016 qualifying match, Hungary vs. Romania. We have been invited to the match by the leader of AFCK Sport Management, László Németh. After my Spanish colleagues have arrived, we went up to the Sky Box for dinner. During we were walking up on the steps we respired the fantastic feeling which came from the grandstands. The atmosphere was phenomenal; more than ¾ of the spectators were Hungarian.

We could see the match from a privileged vision. (see on the photo)

According to me, the two teams played a very defensive way and did not use a lot combinations game. Practically all that we could see were long passes in the direction of a second player and strategy plays.

In the first half Romania dominated the match but they did not have any good occasion. In the second half, Hungary had some opportunities to score a goal but they didn’t dominate the match. In the end it remained 0-0, and it seemed like that this result made the two teams happy. I can not understand the Hungarian National Team, because in the last 10 minutes, the Hungarian goalkeeper, Gábor Király was doing efforts to waste the time, as the draw is appropriate for him.

I think, the supporters of this match deserved more spectacular game or to say it different way, more combined game and not so much restraint game and direct game.

The Team’s football wasn’t like that, which the supporters wanted to see.


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