2015-09-15 Benigno Hernandez

Why I am coach?

Currently I confront my eighth season as professional football coach, I started to train with 16 years in the club of my city, I have since worked through various clubs and I coached in different categories. Since childhood always I was interested in see the matches and then analyze them in a tactical way and think how I can counteract. 

The first club where trained confirmed my concerns, I knew that football was my passion but thanks to begin training was confirmed that wanted to dedicate to it and don't stop until I get my dream.

During these 8 seasons in which I have been training at any time I have left to learn, when I started coaching, like all beginning was not easy, you start as assistant coach, learning from other coaches who have more experience than you to same time I began studying different courses to train as a coach. Gradually I'm felt more and more prepared to face the challenge of taking a team as head coach.


I started training in smaller stage that a coach can train, maybe I wanted higher ages but now I realize that I did well starting from the base, not to want jump stages I will get my goal before. Like all the coaches that I had the possibility to work, all players have taught me anything, and it was really comforting to see how your players ended the training with a smile.

 Three years ago I had the great fortune to work with the FCB in one of the schools that has worldwide, in my case I was assigned to Kuwait. There, as in all my previous stages I didn't stop learning, but also I had the experience of living outside your country and away from your family that it makes you grow as a person, in future articles will detail my experience in this great country.

Currently I am in Hungary, working for AFCK as a Methodological Director. Our goal is to modernize the Hungarian football, because from my honest opinion are 20 years ahead of Spain at the methodological way. My team and I hope that in a short period of time begin to see the results and explain how it evolves could my experience here.

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